Drug Abuse Support Services

Our compassionate staff are warm, approachable, and open-minded, and we welcome people from all walks of life to our centre in Melbourne. We aim to break the stigma surrounding alcohol and other drugs (AOD) dependencies, helping more people seek treatment and get the care they need.

Therapeutic Support

We can connect you with therapeutic support providers such as counsellors, psychologists, and occupational therapists. These professionals typically provide behavioural therapy - a proven treatment for drug rehabilitation that helps you develop healthy coping skills and responses to stressful situations. Group and family therapy can help you build reliable drug support networks that offer guidance and companionship and help prevent relapses.

Social and Community Participation NDIS

Our community participation programmes present opportunities to build friendships and nurture new interests in a safe and welcoming space. We offer bush retreats that get you out of the city and away from unhealthy environments, bringing you closer to nature and helping you find harmony during your recovery. We visit live art shows, run gardening projects, and host regular singing groups, allowing you to replace old habits with fulfilling new hobbies.

Exercise and Physical Wellbeing

Exercise reintroduces healthy endorphins into your body and can help boost your motivation and energy levels while managing stress during your recovery. Our personal trainers offer fun fitness classes you can join in person or online from your home. We can help you keep fit, build confidence, and learn to love and appreciate your body with classes that suit all skill levels.

Life Stage Transitions and Supportive Employment

We can coordinate your support services for a smoother, less stressful rehabilitation process. We understand how substance dependencies can affect every element of your life and can support you through the process of starting your next chapter.

Many substance dependencies co-exist with mental health disorders, and our drug abuse support services can integrate mental healthcare for a holistic treatment plan. We are a registered NDIS support provider with a patient-first approach to help you get the care you need when you need it most.

For any enquiries about our service, send us a message today.