Alcohol Support Services NDIS

Do you battle with substance abuse? Perhaps you have a loved one who suffers from alcohol dependency. We offer alcohol support services for the individual who has acknowledged their addiction and is ready to correct their path. We also assist those with alcohol-related issues, such as mental health conditions. Our approach is to encourage positive behaviour through participation in community projects and activities such as gardening and craft days.

Compassionate Alcoholic Support Australia

We offer dedicated care from a non-judgmental space, and whether you come to us through a referral or of your own volition, we provide a wide range of results-driven services:

  • Our alcohol abuse supportstarts off with taking care of the fundamentals.
  • While our skilled and experienced staff collaborate with you to deal with your substance dependency one step at a time, we ensure that you remain part of the workforce through volunteering opportunities that lead to paid work.
  • Substance abuse often leads to neglecting essential day-to-day tasks such as grocery shopping and cooking. Our holistic care incorporates meal preparation and even transportation requirements to redirect you back to self-care. We can even arrange a personal trainer to help with fitness.

Why Koobor Care Australia

Alcohol dependency can be overcome, and our capable staff promote independence so that when you recover, you can successfully integrate back into society.

Given the sensitive nature of alcohol addiction, we place a high value on respecting your privacy. We also encourage feedback so that you’re empowered to express your dissatisfaction and so that we, in turn, can fine-tune our service offering.