Disability Support Services NDIS

We are here to help those who need it with a wide range of disability support services. With our assistance, you can reconnect with your community to overcome isolation, improve your self-esteem, and reduce loneliness. We work with dual-diagnosis clients, including those who struggle with alcoholism besides an emotional disorder and individuals living with mental illness coupled with brain injury.

Discover Our NDIS Disability Support Options

We offer various disability assistance services that help you to participate in your community by providing innovative social engagement opportunities such as get-togethers, going to the theatre or singing in a group, enjoying a bowling expedition, and travelling all over Melbourne to view art exhibits and public displays.

  • Consider joining forces with us as we can provide you with the necessary support services for disability, connect you with appropriate medical and mental health professionals when you are unwell, plus help you understand and use NDIS and other services effectively. We aim to create a personal relationship with you based on trust.
  • Our staff members can likewise help you develop life skills, find and maintain supportive employment, provide therapeutic support when you travel, and assist with gardening, cleaning, and other daily living and household tasks.
  • Let us know if you need us to deliver mental health support services, professionally assist with life-stage transactions, provide positive behaviour guidance, or a home modification.
  • Individuals with mental health concerns such as mood, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, and post-traumatic stress disorders can benefit from our psychosocial support services. We aim to help you function optimally, manage challenges, increase your economic independence through education and capacity building with NDIS assistance, and participate in society.
  • Get in touch if you wish to develop goals and build the skills, strengths, decision-making abilities, and resilience to reach them.
  • Our NDIS support servicesteam will collaborate with you, your family, carers, and other available services to help you manage your life optimally by giving advice and information, plus designing and implementing plans appropriate to your needs.

Besides centre-based activities, our disability support services also include lending a hand with daily and high-intensity physical exercises. We will help you acquire personal mobility and specialist support equipment, safety, and personal care products. Our registered nurses provide community nursing care as needed.

For any enquiries about our service, send us a message today.